Premium Email - powered by Kolab


  • E-mail (including access via IMAP/POP3/SMTP)
  • Calendars (scheduling)
  • Contacts (address books)
  • Cloud file storage, including access via WebDAV
  • Tasks
  • Notes


Plesk Premium Email is powered by Kolab, the popular fully-featured Open Source secure mail and groupware provider.

The Kolab web client is intuitive and clear, and its Open Source mail module, Roundcube, is used by millions of users daily. It is a flexible, scalable and security centric alternative that was developed for the BSI (Federal Office for Infromation Security), which brings customers privacy and the control of data back.

Kolab helps increase the productivity and coordination of teams through its advanced sharing, scheduling and collaborative features with more than 15 year of development & innovation. Users can synchronise their agendas across devices, including iOS, Android, MacOS X, Windows and Linux.